About Teddy



Few American fashion designers can rival Teddy von Ranson's exceptional combination of roots and experience. Originally from Canada, Teddy's fashion sense is influenced by his cultured familial surroundings, further enriched by his time spent on the West Coast at California's Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. But it was in New York City that he hit his stride: rising to become a lead designer at Ralph Lauren, overseeing both apparel & accessories and then assuming the role of Creative Director at the Frye Group.

Teddy von Ranson's fashion sensibilities bear the indelible mark of these origins, shaped by an impressive 15-year tenure at the iconic brand that set American fashion standards. This fusion has given rise to a distinct aesthetic characterized by an unwavering dedication to detail and the finest craftsmanship. Teddy's design philosophy blends modernity with perennial principles that have guided his career: longevity, timelessness, and style. His designs epitomize a commitment to verity and quality; reflecting the values and style of his followers—individuality with a touch of irreverence.


Building upon this rich foundation, Teddy has founded TEDDY VONRANSON—a brand that serves as a canvas for his vision of the modern American man and the concept of "Modern American Classics" Drawing on his extensive experience with a company that played a pivotal role in shaping American fashion for half a century, he strives to encapsulate the essence of modern American life, reflecting a diverse, multicultural society often influenced by global trends and subcultures.


TEDDY VONRANSON stands as a testament to American design, American production, and American artisans. Teddy is more than just a designer; he is a community builder. He champions a distinctly human company ethos that supports his local economy, empowers New York makers, and engages his community for the greater good. In a world where fashion often transcends boundaries, Teddy von Ranson remains deeply rooted in the essence of American style and craftsmanship.

In 2022, Teddy became an interim CFDA member, won the FGI Rising Star Award in 2023, and has been nominated for American Menswear Designer of the Year at the 2023 CFDA Awards.